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Integrative  Bodywork

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 Structural Integration (SI) unwinds unconscious postural patterns held in our connective tissues (fascia) permeating our muscles, and restores the fascia to better alignment, length, and ease.  Based on the work of Dr. Ida Rolf (Rolfing), it is an interactive process that is a systems-orientated approach rather than a symptoms-oriented approach. You don't have to "be in pain" to notice benefits.  It is a form of deep tissue therapy with lasting results that changes how you move and stand.

Appropriate for all ages and lifestyles.


- Increased flexibility and ease in movement

- Increased energy and vitality

- Improved balance

- Reduced chronic pain, tension and stress

- Enhanced physical performance

- Improved posture

- Enhanced body awareness

- Reduced effort in activity

- Expanded sense of well being

         Before                               After

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Integrative Bodywork

Integrative sessions utilize the principles of structural and functional whole body assessment for specific complaints.  A session can stand alone or be part of a series of treatments or maintenance.  It blends fascial work, neuromuscular therapy, trigger point therapy, and neurovascular techniques.

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